Knocked Out By love (Love to the Extreme #5) - Abby Niles

Chapter One

Brody “The Iron” Minton leaned one elbow against the polished wood of the outside bar and watched the beach performers dance to the unique beat of steel drums. This was the first time he’d been able to capture some peace and quiet since he’d arrived at the resort six hours ago. He was going to have to steal a lot more of these moments, or he wasn’t going to make it through the next week.

“Impressive,” his cousin Blake muttered as he motioned with his beer bottle toward the large flame erupting from a young man’s mouth, brightening the humid summer air.

“Definitely.” Hell, the whole damn place was impressive.

Too bad his youngest sister had about driven him batshit crazy with her fretting, and he hadn’t been able to enjoy any of the perks the resort had to offer yet. He wasn’t grasping her crazy right now.

It wasn’t like her soon-to-be millionaire husband wasn’t forking out the big bucks for the lavish destination wedding, including a top-of-the-line event planner to worry about all this shit so his sister wouldn’t have to. But his sibling couldn’t relax and just enjoy what was supposed to be one of the biggest days of her life. Nope, she had to have herself involved in every damn detail and, in the process, drive everyone else fucking nuts.

Oh well. He hadn’t paid a dime for this trip, so she could be as psychotic as she wanted. As long as he stayed off her warpath, he’d enjoy himself. Fuck knew he needed some downtime.

Things with his coach had been going south for a while now. He needed to think about what his next move was going to be when he got back home.

Taking a swig of his beer, he eyed his cousin. Blake was the only other member of his family to join the MMA circuit. Their moms had been close sisters, so he and Blake had spent a lot of time together growing up, which included training as they got into their later teens. As they got older, they went their separate ways, but had always kept in touch. Blake had recently moved back to Atlanta to help his mom out after his father died, and had joined Mike’s facility—one of the best MMA gyms in the industry.

“How are things over with Mike?”

Blake shrugged. “He’s a moody son-of-a-bitch.”

So he’d heard, but the man’s reputation spoke for itself. His gym housed two title holders in the biggest MMA circuit around, Cage Match Championship—CMC. Dante “Inferno” Jones was the reigning welterweight champion and Tommy “Lightning” Sparks was the light heavyweight.

“What about you?” Blake asked.

“Not bad.”

As much as he’d love to share the shit he was dealing with, he wouldn’t. The fighting industry was too small. Not that he thought his cousin would run off at the mouth, but one word in the locker room would spread like wildfire and take on a life of its own. He wasn’t ready for all that.

“Word has it Greg’s got himself a new game changer on his roster.”

Brody tightened his grip on the bottle. The new “game changer” was exactly why he was forced to contemplate his future with the industry. “Yeah. Randy Boss.”

“Heavyweight, right?”

“Yep.” Brody took a swig of his beer.

“That causing any friction for you, being heavyweight yourself?”

Of course it fucking was. “Not at all. The kid doesn’t hold a goddamn candle to me.”

Blake smiled and saluted him with his beer bottle. They turned their attention back to the performance. At least he could still talk a convincing game to his cousin. Two heavyweight fighters in the same house shouldn’t be a