Bulletproof (Righteous Outlaws MC #2) - Savannah Rylan



The last time my cock was this hard, I was sixteen and about to get laid for the first time. Sienna’s tits were pressed firmly against my back as her fingers slipped beneath my cut. My grip on my handlebars tightened as I followed the curve in the road, wishing like hell my bike had fucking wings.

I’d been trying to get Sienna naked for fucking years, and she’d blown me off every goddamned time. Now, she couldn’t keep her pretty little hands off of me. I wasn’t asking any questions, at least not now. Not until I sunk my cock deep into her tight little cunt. Once we finished what should have been started years ago, we could fucking talk.

The last thing I expected when I showed up to Friday night dinner at Cash and Aubree’s, my best friend and his old lady, was to leave with Sienna. We slipped out when nobody was looking, or, at least, I hoped we did. A couple drinks and a few whispers in her ear, and she was practically dragging me out the door.

I turned right at the stop sign and sped into my driveway, cutting the engine as soon as the bike came to a stop. Sienna’s lips landed on my neck, sucking and biting a path along my collar. There was a battle raging in my head between letting her continue, or taking control. Surrendering to anything, especially the touch from some chick was not who I was, but Sienna also wasn’t just some chick and, my God, the way she swirled that tongue of hers was enough to knock me fucking stupid.

Her fingers slid across my waistband and I grabbed her hand, halting her advances. Her lips froze on my neck, and I hopped off the bike with her hand still in mine. She blinked up at me with those massive blue eyes, batting those long lashes like some sex kitten sent to destroy me.

She swiped her tongue across her bottom lip, and I thought of all the things I wanted that tongue to be licking. “Let me play,” she said, crawling her other hand up my chest.

I smacked it against me and smirked. Sienna was used to calling the shots. Being the daughter of the Righteous Outlaws’ president, she got away with a lot of shit. It also helped that she was hot as hell and guys just fell at her feet, letting her say and do as she pleased. I might have acted like a love sick puppy with her in the past, as Cash had claimed, but not tonight.

Tonight, Sienna was going to learn what it meant to be mine. In the end, when she was dripping wet and barely able to move, she would regret every time she turned me down, wishing she would have rode me the first time I offered. She was going to wish she could turn back time, and take back the rejections, because I’d guarantee she’d never been fucked like this before. I had worshipped her from afar, and I wasn’t going to be done here until I worshipped every fucking inch of her body up close.

“Sorry, babe, you’re not calling the shots tonight.”

“Really,” she purred, tilting her head back, and giving me a sexy roll of her eyes.

I wrapped my hand around the back of her head, and yanked her to me, crushing my lips to hers. I devoured her with my mouth, thrusting my tongue against hers, until she was moaning with desperation. She tasted of the beers we drank, and the chocolate cake she picked at.

I knotted my fingers