Blindsided - A Stepbrother Romance Novel - Kylie Walker


“Sammy you have to come home!” That’s what Samantha heard when she picked up her little brother Aaron’s call. He sounded like he was hyperventilating.

“What did that bastard do now?”

“It’s not dad, Sammy, it’s Mom! Come home, she won’t wake up! I think she’s dead…”

“Dead?” Sam stood there in shock. Everything inside of her was numb and she wasn’t sure if she could move even if she tried. My mother is dead? Suddenly the last conversation Samantha had with her mother consumed her. She’d said horrible things. Sam told her that she hated her and that everything bad that happened to her or Aaron was her fault…

“Sam!” Sam was in her bedroom. Darren, her step-father that she couldn’t stand and did her best to avoid was due home from work soon and she didn’t want to be in his path. With Darren you never know what you were going to get. Some days he’d come home and grab a beer and ignore them all as he stared at the television and smoked his weed all night. Other times the smallest thing would piss him off and he’d want to use Aaron as a punching bag. Or he’d be in an amorous mood and try to put his hands all over Sam. He disgusted her and if it wasn’t for Aaron she would have been long gone as soon as she turned eighteen.

She tried to ignore her mother. Sam knew she’d been drinking for several hours already and she could tell by the sound of her voice she was in the mood for one of her drunken rants about something stupid. Samantha wasn’t in the mood for it. She just finished changing out of the greasy t-shirt she was wearing and into her lucky racing shirt and jeans. She had a race tonight and she needed to get to the track early so that Troy could take a look at her intake manifold before the race began.

“Samantha!” Damn it!”


“Come here!”

Samantha grabbed her keys and stuck them in her pocket before reluctantly going out to the kitchen to see what her mother wanted. Sam found her mother sitting at the scarred up kitchen table with an empty bottle of Absolut Vodka in front of her. “What is it, Mom?”

“Aaron’s probation ends tomorrow but the P.O. just called and said that he needs a copy of his birth certificate for the file before he can close it.”


“And, I can’t find it. You’re always cleaning things up and putting them where I can’t find them.”

“Then maybe you should try cleaning things up yourself every once in a while.”

“Don’t get smart with me, young lady. Hand me that other bottle out of the freezer and find the birth certificate. He can’t go back to school next week unless that file is closed.”

“You don’t need another bottle, Mom. That one was full this morning.”

“You’re measuring how much I drink now?”

“You make it easy when you have every bottle in the house empty by the end of the day. Where is Aaron?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well you should, it’s dinner time and you’re his mother.”

“Is it dinner time already?”

“Yes, already. I’m going to make you some coffee and then I’ll look for the birth certificate while you make some dinner.”

“You act like you think you’re the mother.”

“You act like a child so I have no choice. I don’t have time for this tonight though. I’m going to quickly look for that birth certificate for Aaron’s sake but then I’m out of here, I have things to do.” Samantha took the empty bottle off the table and tossed it